Manifesto : Soulgreen


Good in so many ways

We tried asking ourselves what makes a good dish.
We came up with a thousand reasons. Then we found our own. A dish is good when it is not only a dish but a way of living.

Good for the body

Our cuisine is Plant-Based.

Most of the ingredients at the heart of our recipes are of vegetable origin.

We do not use refined foods and only choose seasonal ingredients, respecting biodiversity and paying great attention to variety.

Because of this our dishes, apart from being beautiful to see and irresistibly good, are good for you because they are perfectly balanced, actually increasing your physical and mental energy.

Good for the soul

We believe that our recipes are not only good for the body, but also for the soul. As a matter of fact, every time you choose Soulgreen you contribute to the improvement of the lives of many needy children.

Thanks to you, we push our “Proud to Give Back” program forward, with which we commit ourselves to guaranteeing food and water to hard-pressed children.

Good for the planet

We are convinced that every single decision we make may contribute to doing the planet good.

This is why our activity does not finish with cooking good dishes: every day we talk together with producers who share our values and we support small-scale agricultural institutions.

We do not use plastic. All our containers are biodegradable. Our water is microfiltered and free of charge.

Great changes come from many small choices, when you choose Soulgreen, you choose to have a concrete and positive impact on the world.

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